ROF embraces the ideology the Panchmahabhootas—the five elements of creation whose interactions with each other create and shape our world. We derive our inspiration from the harmony in the interactions of these elements in construction or otherwise. Therefore, at ROF we strive for balance at the centre of our operations. We believe the right combination of attention to the five dimensions—associates, employees, leadership, customers and environment, just like a balance of the elements, make for the finest designs and the best working relationships.

Our designs reflect an acute eye for the customer’s priorities as well as the environment’s delicate balance, brought to life by a lively, motivated synergy between the leadership, workforce and the marketing associates. Our buildings imbibe attributes of strength, spaciousness, passion, flexibility and solidity from achieving harmony between the interactions of individual elements in our designs.

Plot No.80, 1st Floor, Sector-44
Gurgaon , 122003
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