House Tax Waived From 2008-10 In Gurgaon

The MCG has decided to waive property tax for the financial years 2008-09 and 2009-10. The relief will be provided to self-occupied residences with owners who do not have any pending dues till 2008. According to MCG, property taxes of those who have already paid for the said period will be adjusted against future payment.

“The councillors have demanded that residents of self-occupied houses be provided relief for these two years and we have consequently decided against the tax, provided they fulfil the criteria mentioned. Owners must give us in writing that they have not leased their property. This document need not be an affidavit but can be a self-attested letter. If somebody has already paid the tax for this period, it will be adjusted,” a tax department official said.

Some councilors, however, say that the MCG should not collect property tax at all till it takes over the private builder areas and starts providing basic amenities in the restricted 900-metre IAF depot area. “The MCG should provide services and only then can it demand property tax. Residents of my area, that comes within the 900-metre zone, do not have water to drink or sewerage facility. If the MCG fails to provide these basic amenities, I will bring 2,000 residents along with me in the next meeting in protest,” Ward-1 councilor Rishi Raj Rana said.


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