Let Your Kitchen Nourish Your Health!

How direction affects taste of food?

According to the theory of Five Elements, in each zone there is one or more element, and this combination will affect how food tastes. In the East, the natural flavour of food is enhanced, while the South makes food spicy and encourages a good appetite. In the West, it is crispy and salty, and you want more of it. In the North, it will taste sweet.


Ideal Kitchen Zones

South East: The ideal zones for a kitchen are the South East (SE) and South-South East (SSE). Both of these Vastu zones are dominated by the fire element. The SE is known as the Agni kon, the place of the ‘spark’, the ‘burner’, represented so well by the cooking stove. The colors, green, cream and red promote its positive aspects. Food cooked here will taste good and eating here will also improve your digestion. Not only does it give you good physical health via nutritious food, but it also keeps money flow healthy.

South-SouthEast: For a kitchen in SSE, Vastu zone of strength and confidence you can use same colour schemes as recommended for the SE zone. Kitchen located in this zone provides fuel for all endeavours and keeps up mental and physical strength. In the old days, the ghee  and cooking oil were kept here.


West Zone: A West zone is also good. In fact, many good restaurants are either westfacing or have their kitchens in the West. It promotes gains, good health both physically and financially.

Bad Kitchen Zones

— South-SouthWest

Remember that a kitchen is taboo in the South-SouthWest, the zone of waste and disposal. It is exceedingly harmful for all aspects of life.

— North-East

The kitchen is not recommended in the North-East as it brings mental turmoil – fire in the place of Water – and can cause brain-related ailments. For newlyweds, this kitchen creates problem related with conception and child birth. So, it must be avoided.

— North

In the North, the kitchen affects new opportunities in career, growth and money. Businessmen will see their sales plummet. For people in jobs, it will bring in problems with boss as also block growth in career.

— North-NorthEast

In the North-North-East, the zone of health, it will cause regular ill-health, medication and affects immunity and recovery.

— East-SouthEast

Many people suffer from diabetes. A kitchen in the East-SouthEast, the zone of churning, can set this problem off in males and the cook is likely to acquire a complaining nature.

— South-West

In the South-West, the zone of relationships, it will generate severe inter-family clashes, career instability and delayed marriages of children.

Placement of Kitchen

Some say that the kitchen and bathroom should not be adjacent to each other, but this is all right, if each room is in its right location. This is possible when the kitchen is in the SE, and the toilet is in the ESE.

Many people are fearful of building their bedroom above the kitchen, thinking that the fire burning below will cause discomfort and not let
the body rest and rejuvenate. This is not so, not a single researched case has held it to be true. In fact, only the wrong placement of both rooms, against Vastu norms, can cause trouble. If you discover that the kitchen is wrongly placed, there are several Vastu remedies possible. For example, changing the wall colour or floor colour.

Dos & Don’ts

• Use of granite as the kitchen slab can cause severe ill-health, also leading to cancer of the lower abdominal area, if the cooking stove is placed above it. Using marble presents a better and safe option

• You can also use lights of the right colour that will help in enhancing the strength of the Vastu zones and treat the defects created due to kitchen made in the wrong direction

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