8 Simple Home Maintenance Tips For Monsoon

The monsoon rains provide the much needed respite from scorching heat as well as usher in lush green surroundings. But this season can be nightmare for your home if you are not fully prepared for the wet times ahead. You have to be very careful before the onset of monsoon to make sure that your home is not affected by long spells of incessant rains. Given below are some practical tips in this regard:

1) If you live in independent house or villa, you should do a thorough check of your roof for leakages, cracks etc. You can get minor repairs done on the roof along with cleaning and unclogging the roof gutters and the pipes to ensure that they drain the rainwater well.

2) Check the walls of your house for cracks, dampness or water rings, which can be repaired with a temporary treatment of Plaster of Paris. You can also opt for the damp block solutions to bridge cracks in the walls and avoid water seepage due to damp walls.

3) You should prune your garden and hedge to avoid the growth of weeds. Overgrown plants, grass and foliage can be a breeding ground for several pests and insects. As indoor plants tend to increase dampness in your home, it is best to put your plants outdoors during the rainy season.

4) Look for areas on your roof, front, courtyard, or any other place where water might get stagnated. Ensure to clean them up or cover them to prevent these areas from becoming a breeding ground for malaria causing mosquitoes. Also remove all sorts of empty cans, tyres etc in which water can collect.

5) If you have a swimming pool, reduce its water level, so that it does not overflow in heavy rains. All pits need to be filled up before the start of rains.

6) Deploy an electrician to check if any electric points are in the open or may be exposed to rain water. Any such exposed switches or wired should be immediately covered and water seepage fixed.

7) It is time to roll the rugs and carpets to protect them from mold and fungus that the constant dampness and increased humidity may cause. Also, you should place door mats at the entrance of the house to avoid muddy shoes making the house dirty.

8) You may move the wooden and iron furniture away from leaky windows. You can spray the furniture with waterproofing solution to ensure that the dampness does not mar its beauty. Sliding windows and balcony doors too should be checked and fixed with a rubber lining.

These simple tips will surely help you enjoy a clean, dry and disease free home. Enjoy the rains!


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