5 Tips For Selling Your Property At The Best Price

Since the last few years sellers of property are finding it difficult to get appropriate price for their property on account of the real estate market being very sluggish. Moreover selling a house is not easy due to falling prices and rising inventories. Despite these negative factors, you can still get a fair price for your property if you take care of the following points:

Price Correctly

The first and foremost thing before selling a property is to price it correctly. The right price will definitely attract more buyers as cost is the main attraction as well as a big differentiator for the buyer. Both, under pricing and over pricing will be detrimental to the sale of your property. While under pricing will lower returns, while over pricing will not find buyers, especially when the market sentiment is not very favourable.

Hence, arriving at the correct price of your property will require a lot of effort in the form of doing surveys of market as well as similar properties on sale. For selling your house quickly, you can give a small discount by keeping the asking price lower than what others are quoting. This will attract more buyers.

Repair the House

The adage ‘First Impression is the last impression’ has to be taken care of as it holds good when you want to sell your property. A buyer generally gets attracted or turned away on seeing the property for the first time. Hence, a fresh coat of paint, clean surroundings, and a tidy atmosphere add immense value to your property. Minor repairs like fixing leaking faucets, broken windows, damaged stairs and chipped-off plaster can have a positive impact.

Deploy a Broker

As most of the owners are busy now-a-days, it is advisable to hire a broker who can show your property to prospective clients as well as explain its positive factors. Besides saving your time, the broker will also help you in negotiations and paper work. But before hiring a broker, it is imperative to do his thorough background check  as well as check his reputation. Moreover his fees should also be decided in advance.

Advertise Effectively

You should spread word amongst your friends, relatives and well wishers that you are looking for a genuine buyer for your property. Listing on various housing portals is also a mandatory exercise in today’s online environment. While listing on portals, do upload photographs of the property from various angles, to give a fair idea of the property to the prospective buyers. Also social media is also an effective tool for spreading the information as well as advertising due to its enormous reach. Another important thing is to give proper contact details on the real estate portals on which the prospect gets appropriate replies to his queries.

Keep Documents Handy

All legal documents and other papers relating to the property on sale should be kept handy with the seller to make the deal close faster. Apart from the sale documents, one should keep proof of prior purchases, property tax receipts and major installations in the house.

Keeping the above 5 tips in mind before selling any property, should in all probability, result in getting a good deal of genuine price, that too quite fast.


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