5 Ways To Give A Home Like Feel To Rented Apartments

Being away from home is not a becoming feeling. Our helplessness to make any changes to the rented property gives us a home away feel. But, by making few smart changes to your rented apartment, you can make it exude a ‘being at home’ aura.

Deck the Floors

You can give an artistic makeover to your room by covering lustreless tiles with colourful rugs. Beautifying the floors of your living room and dining area will provide a luxury feel to the apartment without compromising with your budget.

Beautify the Walls

Decorating the walls of your apartment is one of the budget-friendly thins to oomph up the beauty of the dwelling place. Enhance the manifestation of the walls by sticking temporary vibrant colour wallpapers and hanging family pictures.

Splash Greenery

One of the quickest and easiest ways to perk up your surroundings is by decorating it with greenery and fresh flowers. Flower pots can be kept on tablets, kitchen counters, balcony or any other dull area of the apartment to give it a lively appeal.

Make Partitions

In case you own a studio apartment, then you can make your interior more organized by using glass panels, wood shutters, shifting doors or bookshelves as partitions. This way, you will get more privacy and variety in your living area.

Adequate Lighting

Proper lighting in the interiors have the magical affect of instantly lifting our mood while on the other side, even a properly designed apartment may look boring without sufficient lighting. Lamps with attractive lamp shades can be put in the dark corners of the room to provide an accent look and highlight a particular area.

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