The Ultimate Property Developer: ROF

Dreams of owning a beautiful property is not so distant anymore. ROF, one of the top developers in Gurgaon make your dreams a reality through their enthralling and affordable properties. ROF is a big name in both the private and retail real-estate markets.

They have mastered the art of providing high-class, splendid properties at affordable prices. They make sophisticated residential, commercial, hospitality and office spaces. They shape up buildings and turn them into grand projects, satisfying your diverse real estate requirements.


This project in designed around your needs for a beautiful house at affordable prices. The ROF Ananda project is customized for your dreams, giving you a spacious infrastructure apt for a comfortable living.

They offer you a dream house in the form of 1, 2 and 3 BHK apartments. They facilitate a contemporary lifestyle with modern facilities. ROF Ananda takes your aspirations seriously and believes that everyone deserves the home of their dreams.


ROF Galleria gives you a supreme retail destination. This shopping complex has an unmatched design and is equipped with the latest amenities. It has a spacious outlay and is fully fitted and furnished.

It offers an ultimate shopping experience with its creative structure. ROF Galleria is uniquely designed with zero maintenance for 5 years.


It is the perfect destination for your business and leisure stays. They promise a comfortable and luxurious stay with their spa and health clubs. It is tastefully furnished and equipped with modern fittings.

They cater to your needs with their comfortable beddings and a high speed Wi-Fi connection. Ramada serves as a beautiful destination for functions and weddings with its iconic infrastructure.

Being a known name amongst the top developers in Gurgaon, ROF encourages people to dream and back them with their top notch properties at affordable prices.

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