Ideas for a Beautiful Balcony!

Balconies have always held an undeniable charm, especially heightened by Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. It is a unique space that is as much a part of our homes as our bedrooms or kitchen and yet it opens us up to the outside world. Don’t leave out your balconies while decorating your home. Buy a beautiful home under the affordable projects in new Gurgaon and decorate your balcony according to your tastes and desires.

Here are some brilliant ideas to transform your balconies (small or big) into beautiful, innovative spaces.

  • The Hammock and the Hippie

Make your balcony a comfortable place with a chill vibe. Hang a white hammock with comfortable cushions over a tapestry rug. A few potted plants here and there accompanied by a dream catcher and a bean bag and voila! You have your very own ‘chill place’ to hang out.

  • The Reading Space

If you are an ardent reader, you will appreciate the combination of a hot coffee on a rainy day with a book. You can make your balcony your reading space where you can get lost in your book. Add a cushiony swing set with big pillows, a wooden floor with fantastic lighting and you are good to go. A few plants will not hurt and make the place even more serene for a peaceful reading.

  • Juliet’s balcony

Give your balcony a vintage vibe. Add beautiful crawlers with flowers, running over the railings. Typical patio, rustic furniture or chairs made a wicker can give your balcony a rustic look. Fulfil your balcony decorating dreams under the Huda affordable project.

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