Key Things to Keep in Mind When Investing in Property

Real Estate has been the most favored option of investment. Finding that one lucrative piece of land that will prove beneficial in the long run is a cumbersome task. A premium piece of land is a valued asset that drives your social status along with providing you financial security. However, not everyone pays heed to the complexities, nuances, and risks that are involved with buying a piece of land. While making this important decision one must keep the following points in mind:

-:-  All the paperwork must be critically assessed and kept for use. Here are some of the important documents:

~> Release Certificate: A resale property must be ready with a bank’s released certificate, this indicates that the loan on the property has been cleared.

~> Property Tax receipts: When purchasing a property it is essential to verify and procure old tax receipts from the sellers.

~> Encumbrance Certificate: This ensures that the land is not associated with any legal debts.

-:-  Along with the plot location, one must also pay heed into the plot purchase viability. For instance, if you wish to construct a villa, resort or just a small condo, the area of the plot should suit the requirement.

-:-  Enquire the seller about the Floor Space Index (FSI). It means how much of the area can be utilized for construction, this depends on the location of the plot too.

-:-  Last but very important, ensure the credibility of the developer. Closely examine and study projects that have been under the developer’s belt, this will give you an idea of the quality of construction.

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