Gurgaon’s Swift Shift From Luxury Market To Affordable Destination

Gurgaon has a reputation of being a luxury real estate market with plenty of MNCs standing tall, high-end luxurious villas and apartments at every nook and corner, and the strategic location with vicinity to International Airport and economic zones of Neemrana and Manesar.

upcoming affordable housing project in Gurgaon



It was a distant dream in the former times, for people to own an abode in the millennium city. With the efforts of the Haryana Government, this dream can now be realized. HUDA has drafted and implemented an affordable housing policy which has served as a driving force for the advent of an upcoming affordable housing project in Gurgaon affordable residential markets. There are some popular locations in Gurgaon like South of Gurgaon, Dwarka expressway and New Gurgaon which are witnessing the wave of change more than the others. Private real estate developers are licensed by the government providing them the permission to construct affordable properties within a modest price range from INR 12 Lakhs to 25 Lakhs. The guideline that is laid out confirms the completion of the project within the stipulated time frame of 42 months. Also, it is necessary for the developer to get on with the maintenance task for the next 5 years. With the rise in demand for affordable housing, the project is running at a fast pace with ready to move in flats emerging at a fast pace.

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