Popularity Of Affordable Housing Projects Over Luxury Housing In Gurgaon

Affordable housing is preferred and favored by home buyers all around the year. However, there has been a rise in the number of luxury projects as well. The affordable housing projects are bridging the gap between the rich and the mid-segment. The key difference that sets apart affordable from luxury housing is the price. Luxury home prices can start from Rs 1 crore with no upper limit, while affordable homes are for the middle-class pool and hence fall in the bracket of 25 lakhs to 40 lakhs. 

The amenities offered is another parameter for differentiation in the segment. A luxury home is one that has amenities like Gym, Swimming pool, cycling track, badminton court, café & bar, spa and sauna, coffee shop, etc. affordable homes on the other side have the very limited facility, like kid’s play area, gardens, swimming pool, etc. Yet affordable housing is preferred the most since it offers the basic amenities in budget-friendly cost.

Another factor is the size of the space. Luxury homes are extravagant and big in size and more spacious than regular homes, while affordable homes are decent in size. High-end luxury projects are preferred by a few percentages of people, while affordable homes is a requirement amongst the mass. These are the properties designed and crafted well in a manner that offers the person living maximum comfort and high level of living. ROF is a reputed real estate developer in Gurgaon offering the Best Affordable Housing Projects In Gurgaon with the amenities of a luxury home. Housing project with luxury amenities at the price of a budget-friendly home is made a reality at ROF.

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