Is 2021 the perfect time to buy your first home?

Gone are the days when only food, shelter, and clothing were the basic needs of a person. Now, the list has been changed and it contains ‘n’ number of things to have for leading a comfortable and prosperous life. In the same line, shelter is now no longer just the basic need but it is replaced by dream homes. Moreover, in India, home is not just an asset but an investment and stature of a person or the family. So, needless to mention how ambitious and conscious you would be about their dream home. But what is the right time to invest in your home? Is 2021 the perfect time to buy your dream home? And what all things you must know before buying your dream home? These questions might be popping up in your mind and distancing you away from your own home.

The 21st year of the 21st century has begun with a new hope after the gigantic outbreak of COVID-19. But the aftermath of pandemic is still there to hamper your decision and it has brought various changes in the equation of real estate business. So, it has become very crucial to know whether it is the right time to invest in your dream home or not, depending on the various factors like size such as 2bhk or 3Bhk in Gurgaon, the prime location as well as the amenities. In addition, to get an edge over others, it is now the demand of time that you must be aware of all the nitty-gritty of the real estate investment.

Despite people being skeptical about any sort of investment right after the global pandemic, the actual situation of real estate investment has turned to be at the creamy period. The current property valuations have reached the quite realistic points, which makes it a smart decision to invest in your dream home that you can even get in Haryana Affordable Housing Policy. In a few states of India, such as Karnataka and Maharashtra, the state government have started reducing the stamp duty charges and the mortgage rates are at the lowest currently. Moreover, the reduction in home loans’ interest, attractive offers by the property dealers, and flexible payment schemes such as 10:90 and waiver of GST, have made it a golden time to buy your dream home. Also, the discount by builders and real estate agencies have made it relatively affordable and put forth the compelling reason to purchase property in 2021.

So, if you have a secure job and can afford, it is the most appropriate time to purchase a property or buy your dream home even in the heart of Gurgaon that includes all housing projects under Haryana Affordable Housing Policy. In addition, if your savings are well enough to fund at least 30% of the cost of the property, it is the smartest move to go for and capitalized your hard-earned saving for a longer period of time. Undoubtedly, the ‘Work from home’ culture would have realized the significant need to spacious and comfortable living area, which seem to be prominent in your dream home that may be 3bhk in Gurgaon.  Moreover, COVID would have given you ample of time to think on your investment decision and now, post pandemic, the year 2021 is clearly in your favour to go for your dream home and make it a remarkable and happiest year of your life.

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