‘5 Benefits’ of having a shared bedroom for your kids in 3bhk in Gurgaon

It will be difficult to provide each of your children with their own bedroom if you have more than one kid. However, it is possible to make a shared bedroom for your children in your 3bhk in Gurgaon in which they will learn and profit from it in a variety of ways. For a number of factors, kids who have their own shared bedroom would be more able to manage responsibilities and get mature quicker than those who do not. Allowing children to decorate their own bedrooms can sound meaningless, but it will help them create their own personal style and feel like they have a place where they can express themselves. It allows them the power of their own room and enhances their self-esteem, all of which are important in their formative years.

Well, let’s look into the top 5 benefits of having a shared bedroom for your kids!

1. Creating a bond

Siblings will have more bonding time if they spend more time together in a living room. They’re getting to know each other and their mutual interests, as well as exercising their imaginations through night-time storytelling. They’re finding out how to connect! It’s so sweet to see the kids snuggled up and reading together in their shared bedroom.

2. Teach to share

Sharing a room can be the most effective way to alleviate tension associated with encouraging someone to play with their possessions. Anything in the shared space is “ours,” not “mine,” as children inherently learn. This can teach your kids a great moral lesson that can benefit them in the future.

3. Develop Routines that are Reliable

A single bedroom assists in the creation of shared schedules! It becomes the standard to put the kids to bed at the same time, making it easier to ensure a regular bedtime schedule for everybody! Try reading together or telling stories until the lights go out. Parents can easily set various rules by having separate rooms, such as whether they had an older child sharing. Add a curtain to the bottom bunk to help block out light and noise so the younger sibling can fall asleep comfortably as the older sibling on the top bunk completes the last chapter of their book before shutting off the lights.

4. Enjoyment and Fun

The shared bedroom is filled with fun, particularly with elevated beds, such as lofts and bunk beds, which are a lot of fun. Climbing and bunking are two things that children enjoy doing together. When there is a nice bed involved, it won’t be difficult to convince them to share a room. Attach a slide for even more fun.

5. Creating own space

Even in a shared bedroom, there are various options for having your “own” space. Kids should store “their belongings” on bedside drink trays or nightstands at the bottom of the bed. Many parents enjoy putting together a color-coordinated collection of dressers and bookcases for each of their kids. Alternatively, a corner loft with both beds up high is alternative. Your children can have the potential to decorate their bedroom.


Therefore, giving a child their own room will instill a sense of duty in them. It provides them with their own room to preserve, tidy, and clean when required. Teaching these skills to children at an early age is a smart thing because it will help them develop behaviors that they will bring into their teenage years, where they will be most needed, and that is why having a shared bedroom in 3bhk in Gurgaon can be the smart decision.


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