5 Awesome Tips to make your 3BHK in Gurgaon apartment look Premium & Contemporary

Your home is ultimately your own space where you can set the aura of your choice. It is a reflection of your style and personality. When it comes to picking up on a theme or design for your house, you have a lot of possibilities to select from. You may always choose between a superficial appearance and a luxurious theme. Any style may make your home appear beautiful and elegant if done correctly.

Let’s look at some amazing tips that will turn your Haryana affordable house or 3BHK in Gurgaon apartment to look elegant.

1. Color-Scheme is Significant

 :- The proper color palette may make a massive impact on the appearance of your Haryana affordable house. Neutral colors are ageless and classic. A neutral color scheme, such as beige, grey, white, and off-white, may make a space appear larger and calmer. Introduce items with a splash of color to offer some contrast. It’s not about picking your favorite colors when it comes to selecting the proper color palette. Instead, concentrate on a color family and select colors that compliment one another.

2. Place Eye-Catching Showpiece 

:- Adding a significant statement piece is beneficial. This may be anything from a chandelier to a sofa to a ceiling medallion to a dining room table to a big rug. The showpiece piece might serve as the room’s focal point. If you do decide to invest in a statement piece, select something that is easy to maintain and is reasonably durable and long-lasting.

3. Use Large Mirrors

       :- Large mirrors may provide the sense of spaciousness by reflecting the room. It may be used to make a room look larger and brighter than it actually is. Use mirror works more to give your 3BHK in Gurgaon apartment an elegant and classy appearance.

4. Add a touch of Gold

:- The color gold is associated with wealth. Gold spray paint might be the answer if you want to add a touch of luxury without spending a lot of money. A single coat of gold paint may transform a vase, a picture frame, or any other little item from drab to opulent.

5. Fixtures should be changed.

Changing the fixtures is a seemingly minor but potent technique for changing the look of your Haryana affordable house. Replacing outdated fixtures such as drawer pulls, knobs, and handles is a low-cost method to transform a room’s ambiance quickly. For a refined appearance, choose materials such as ceramic or metal. Also, cleaning goods, such as hand soap dispensers, do not have to be dull. Use glass hand soap dispensers instead of plastic bottles for an instant makeover.

Nevertheless, you could even invest in large pieces like mirrors, lamps, or even a gramophone, depending on the size and style of your home. Even small antique accessories, such as boxes or a picture frame, can add character to your home.

Hence, getting your house to seem costly and high-end does not have to break the bank. Concentrate on a few essential characteristics and purchase items that will add value and assist you in achieving your objective of a sophisticated and trendy house interior.


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