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ROF is a leading developer in the Real Estate Market of Gurugram that has raised the bars and refined the commercial concept of development in Gurugram. With our adept knowledge, we have managed to create a state-of-the-art epitome of excellence. ROF has attained a perfect balance with merging its abounding experience of over a decade with the acquired skills which helps to transform regular commercial spaces into creative sorceries.

ROF has consistently laid quality benchmarks in the world of real estate development by constructing residential and commercial spaces in prime locations. The emergence of Gurugram as an industrial hub has been the major reason for the advent of commercial projects in and around Gurugram.

ROF has ventured into the real estate market with some of the best commercial projects in Gurugram. The commercial spaces delivered in sector 44, Gurugram are developed to utilize the potential of the captive market.
These are in concoction of high-quality space at a modest price.

ROF Portico situated in the opulent locality of sector 43, offers a blend of Italian culture with European construction. ROF Galleria is another outstanding high street retail destination, nestled in two locations, sector 95 and sector 102 Gurugram. The strategic location of the project is sure to entice clientele and the competent pricing is sure to retain them. Aesthetic appeal that is aided by the natural light sources, decent size of shops, and smooth traffic management are some of the additives that will drive in ROI. The projects are designed by professionals who are well versed in their subject matter.

The spacious ambience amalgamated with innovative infrastructure at a strategic location, are the USP’s of the best commercial projects in Gurugram that are sure to change the fate of the real estate market.