Why low-rise apartments should be your choice?

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Apartments can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Buildings with many storeys and at least one elevator are referred to as low-rise apartments. A low-rise apartment is one with a few storeys, usually four or less. Low-rise apartments have attracted many buyers in recent years, particularly those home-buyers who prefer a calm environment with fewer occupants and more privacy. Here are a few advantages of living in low-rise apartments:

  1. Open areas and greenery ? The USP i.e. Unique Selling Proposition of low-rise residences relies on open spaces and flora. Gardens, trees, and parks are more likely to be found in low-rise communities. In the post-COVID-19 scenario, a higher emphasis is placed on dedicated walking paths for an enhanced lifestyle, which is more favoured.

  2. Easier to socialise ? We all desire some solitude in our lives, but it?s no fun if we don?t have some friendly neighbours in the building complex who can assist us in an emergency. Because of the smaller area, a low-rise building provides appropriate privacy while also making it simpler to socialise.

  3. High resale value ? When you live in a low rise building, the rate at which you can flip your house in the resale market is more elevated. Also, the value of appreciation is much higher in low-rise because most investors seek them for the independence they provide.

  4. More space equals lower upkeep costs ? Low-rise buildings are frequently linked with a great open space. Despite the belief that more room equals more maintenance costs, keeping a low-rise building is less expensive for the residents.

  5. Suitable for retirement: Low-rise apartments are easy to live in old age. As we age, we become more fearful of sudden movements and heights. As a result, low-rise residential structures are the most suited option.

If you intend to purchase a home where you are seeking the above benefits then, low-rise buildings are your next home.